III Rivers UK Chapter
No. 9979



Martyn Coote
Rides: Electra Glide Ultra Classic Milwaukee Eight.
Email: director@iiirivershogchapter.co.uk

I joined the III Rivers on the first day and have been a member of the committee almost as long. I have been a Road Captain throughout and held various committee positions along the way, Chapter Historian, Editor and Assistant Director before becoming Director in 2004.

I have been riding bikes for 48 years both on and off the road and bikes have been the one pastime that I have never stopped loving. If I get the chance to I like to go fishing and play Golf. My Ultra Limited Milwaukee 8 Glide is my 6th Harley-Davidson, I only brought my first Sportster after a fall from a motocross bike left me with a broken collar bone and I decided I best look for a more sedate pastime.

My first road bike after having a moped was a Honda K4 I have owned some great bikes over the years one of my favourite being a Triumph Bonnie T140V USA spec. My favourite saying is “If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand” Owning a Harley-Davidson is like having a never ending extended family where ever you go.



Doug Armstrong – Moose
Assistant Director/Safety Officer
Rides: Electra Glide Ultra Classic 2011.
Email: assistantdirector@iiirivershogchapter.co.uk

I am one of the original Chapter members, having been with the Club for 14 years. I have been with Hog for 20 years and am a life member.

My positions within the Club have included Assistant Director (8 years), Safety Officer (12 years), and Head Road Captain. Presently I am a Road Captain, Assistant Director and Safety Officer. I have been riding bikes for 48 years. My first proper bike was a Royal Enfield, eventually progressing over the years to various Harleys. Hobbies other than riding the bike include golf, fishing and scuba diving.

I enjoy all types of food and drink. I was born in Canada, hence the nickname Moose.


Pete La Porte

Pete La-Porte – Greywolf
Rides: CVO Road Glide & FXDRS 114.
Email: treasurer@iiirivershogchapter.co.uk

A ‘’born again’’ biker that’s me. I have been riding bikes, on and off, for 50+ years having started riding on my Dad’s ‘Raleigh Supermatic Moped’ at 16yrs. By 17, I’d bought a cheap 1950s BSA Bantam 125. Then having been given a 1960s Bantam (minus engine), a quick engine transplant resulted in a newer bike to ride and pass my test. At 18, I P/Xd the Bantam for a late 1960s Triumph Speed Twin 3TA which I rode for about 3 years before progressing to the 500 & 650 Triumph models until giving up 2 wheels for 4, to transport a family.I my late teens I used to visit Santa Pod’s Drag Raceway where I drooled over the sound and size of American engines. It was also where I first fell in love with the distinctive sound of the Harley Davidson motorcycle.After 2 families and some 30+ years later, having returned to singleton status, I felt it was time to return to 2 wheels. I purchased my 1st Harley Davison in May 2008 from Oxford HD, it was a 1584cc 2007 Street Glide upon which I rode some 40K miles until I wrecked it in a RTA in 2014. Luckily, I had previously seen a couple of Road Glides at Newmarket HD, and with a quick call from my hospital bed I reserved a 1804cc 2013 CVO Road Glide.I joined III Rivers in January 2011 following the demise of the Essex Chapter. In 2014 I took the reins of Membership Secretary for 2 years and in 2016 I stepped in as Treasurer, after the existing Treasurer stepped down. I also volunteered for a role as a Road Captain in the 2017 season and have led a few rides.My longest ride to date is when I completed Route 66 in 2013 covering 2627.5 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, which culminated in me paddling in Santa Monica Bay on my 67th birthday. I returned the following year for the Sturgis Rally.My best ride to date has to be last year’s ride (2017) when 7 of us from III Rivers started in Rapid City, South Dakota taking in all the sights of Sturgis (Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Spearfish Canyon & Devils Tower), before riding west and over the Beartooth Highway (US 212) into Yellowstone for 3 days exploration, then returning to Rapid City via Jackson Hole, Riverton, Casper & Custer (2235 miles). The never ending vistas on this road trip just blew my mind, not forgetting the company


Big Al

Big Al Allen Fether – Big Al
Assistant Director / Head Road Captain
Rides: Road King Classic.
Email: roadcaptain@iiirivershogchapter.co.uk

I started riding bikes at the tender age of 15, (yes it was illegal then too). In those days, my bikes were either reclaimed write-offs, or built from ‘obtained’ spare parts. Consequently I cannot remember anything that was even shiny let alone new but, I had many enjoyable years riding, and perhaps is why I now have a fondness for ‘Rat-bikes’. All things must come to an end; and after noticing that girls have some,’ interesting features’, riding bikes almost completely disappeared and around 30 years went by in the ‘blink-of-an-eye’. And now I have adult children that are all older than me and far cleverer…… and a lovely lady that clings to me on the pillion seat……

In the summer of 2004 I found myself looking at ‘Taggers’ HD in Watford, and stepped inside, the first time in my life that I had ever been inside a Harley dealership. And it wasn’t long before the sales reps were introducing me to the world of Harley Davison……

Realising my riding was more than a little rusty, and before parting with any of my ‘hard-earned’ for one of these half ton monsters, I signed-up for some training with a local bike school, mostly to see if I still liked riding —- ‘it was like coming back home’, excited and getting the ‘thumbs-up’ from the head instructor, I signed up on a 3 day course at Riders Edge in mid Wales. Probably one of my better ideas, as I can only describe it as, fantastic! By this time it was November and the roads in Wales were covered in snow and ice but, the ex-Police instructors were ‘business as usual’, and with a choice of almost any Harley, they put me thru their paces, both out on the road and around the private estate. I had an absolutely brilliant time and learnt ‘shed-loads’. Terrible shame, HD discontinued it a couple of years later.

After several more visits to ‘Taggers’, and an endless stream of questions, the sales reps energetic enthusiasm had noticeably waned, so to avoid any suicides, I finally decided on the bike for me, and after parting up with what seemed like my entire pension fund, I rode home on a brand spanking new Road King Classic. It was a good choice and served me well, so well in fact, I am now on my third Road King Classic.


Pete G

Pete Gould
Assistant Head Road Captain 


Rides: Road Glide Special
Email: assistanthrc@iiirivershogchapter.co.uk

 I am Big Al’s minion. My aim in life is to support and humour him in his exploits as Head Road Captain – he doesn’t have an easy job. 


I’ve been a Petrol Head since my adolescence when I had an Ape Hangered Triumph T20, a wonderful piece of machinery that I spent more miles pushing than riding. It was eventually chucked into a ditch when it threw its conrod out of the engine casing and me onto the road. Since then I’ve progressed through fast cars, sports cars, custom vans and kit cars to feed my passion. I eventually returned to motorbiking some 12 years ago on a Honda VT1100 Shadow. After a few years I progressed to my first Harley, an Electra Glide Standard. In 2019 my pocket money permitted a nice new Wicked Red Road Glide Special, where you will find me today, often with my wonderful wife Ingrid on the back. As soon as I acquired the Harley, I joined III Rivers, and this totally changed my life giving a great new vocation with an absolutely brilliant set of guys. I previously served on the club committee when I was Magazine Editor. I have also been a Road Captain for a good few years. I’m also a bit of a Pagan and Vampire on the quiet.


Graham Cross

Graham Cross
PR Officer
Rides: Road King Classic FLHRC.
Email: profficer@iiirivershogchapter.co.uk

I joined the chapter in Oct 2015. I have been riding bikes for 37 years and have had a full licence for 25 of them .My first Harley was a Sportster 1200 Low and owning a Harley was a bit of a defining moment for me. After serving in the Armed Forces and the Police for 33 years and missing the camaraderie joining 111 Rivers was one of my life’s good choices and I thoroughly enjoy the Ride outs and new friendships that this had brought me.

My aim is to boldly seek new members and to promote III Rivers at every opportunity.



Jo Allen
Rides: On the back of Martyn’s Electra Glide.
Email: secretary@iiirivershogchapter.co.uk

Hi my name is Jo Allen and until 5 years ago I had never been on a bike let alone a Harley-Davidson.

When Martyn said that we were going out on his bike I dreaded it but 5 years later 2 trips around the USA and 20,000 miles around the uk and Europe I guess I am a Biker.

I became the Chapter Secretary to try and shorten the committee meetings two years ago, I guess that’s a work in Progress…



Jon House
Web Master
Rides: VROD Muscle.
Email: webmaster@iiirivershogchapter.co.uk

Honestly pretty new to the world of motorbiking, I had a Suzuki SV650 practically given to me by my boss at work when he found he was no longer able to ride for a while.

After a few years I decided to treat myself to a bike I had been wanting for many years but was sadly unable to justify buying. So I bought my VROD Muscle, and here I am.

I hope to one day go to America and do some touring over there.

Wayne Casy
Charity Officer



Paul Davies

Paul Davies



Paul Davies

Paul Davies
Membership Officer
Rides: Road King 2003 Anniversary, 2016 Street Glide CVO.
Email: membershipofficer@iiirivershogchapter.co.uk

I had my old faithful 250 BSA C15 in 1978, then after a 34 year gap without a bike, in 2012 I decided it was time to realise my dream of owning a Harley Davidson and bought myself a 2003 Anniversary Road King. The bike frightened the life out of me due to its size, and I thought that If I didn’t join a group I knew it would stay in the garage gathering dust so I joined the Three Rivers HOG, along with my wife, in 2013 and haven’t looked back. I am also an avid collector of all things Harley (much to my wife’s annoyance) and have now added a CVO Street Glide to my collection, hopefully allowing me the time to work on my dream of doing up my Road King.


Trudie Davies

Trudie Davies – 5 Star
Ladies of Harley
Rides: Softail Breakout.
Email: ladyharley@iiirivershogchapter.co.uk

I joined 3 Rivers in 2013 with my husband Paul, with no real passion for motorbikes, but as time has gone on and I decided to take my bike test, and get a bike of my own. I have only been riding for just over 3 years, but 3 bikes later I have finally found my perfect bike, a Breakout with a few customisations ! As Ladies of Harley Officer, I enjoy organising events (not just for the ladies but the whole club) and am always on the lookout for new event ideas.

A LOH is any lady that belongs to HOG and has a full, lifetime, or associate membership, and wishes to participate in the female forum. The members can be either rider or pillion as long as they are willing to participate a little or a lot.

Road Captain


Steve Gallegher
Members Rep
Provisional Road Captain
Rides: Softail custom & Street Glide Special

I have been riding motor bikes since I was sixteen years old, both on the track and the road.
Over the years I have owned some great bikes but have always aspired to own a Harley Davidson at some point.
I made a promise to myself that before I was fifty that I would, but sadly had to wait another year. Now at fifty-one and having the funds I have been able to go and fulfil my promise. My first Harley-Davidson ended up being a Softail custom. Now I needed to find a club to join…. a friend of mine had mentioned about joining my local H.O.G. chapter, this sounded like a great idea!!!!
So, I joined III Rivers and I have been a member for four years now and have not looked back.
It has been a blast and great fun, meeting new friends, going out on club ride outs, and helping at club events.
The Chapter is a very welcoming and friendly and does a lot of charity fund raising. So, after a trip to France with the Chapter in 2019 thinking of how much I enjoyed it I thought I would start looking for another Harley Davidson to go touring on, so now I am proud owner of a Street Glide Special. To be asked to join the committee at the end of 2020 to be the members representative is great honour for me.
So, if there is anything that you would like put forward to the Committee just let me know and I will try to help in any way I can.


Magazine Editor
Email: magazine@iiirivershogchapter.co.uk

Trudie Davies

Trudie Davies – 5 Star
Email: merchandise@iiirvershogchapter.co.uk


You can also contact the committee on the following email address. committee@iiirvershogchapter.co.uk